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Welcome to the U-M Big Data 2015 Summer Program Wiki!

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Reading Material & Software

Genetics Group

Imaging Group

EHR Group

Group 1
aim0: visualizing the longitudinal pattern of facility level measures
aim1: one-way repeated measure ANOVA for detecting longitudinal profile difference between different groups
aim2: covariance structure modeling or Power calculation for repeated measured data}}
Group 2
aim0: facility level data visualization
aim1: facility level association, e.g., the relationship between hospitalization (SHR) and other quality measures and facility characteristics?
aim2: outcome correlations, e.g., principal component analysis (PCA) and cluster analysis to reveal the hidden and simplified structure of complex data.

2015 Presentations

Day 1: June 1

Day 2: June 2

Day 3: June 3

Day 4: June 4

Day 5: June 5

Day 6: June 8

Day 7: June 9

Day 8: June 10

Day 9: June 11

Day 10: June 12

Day 11: June 15

Day 12: June 16

Day 13: June 17

Day 14: June 18

Day 15: June 19

Day 16: June 22

Day 17: June 23

June 25 Symposium on Big Data, Human Health, and Statistics

Student Presentations

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